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Traidhos Tennis Academy Thailand

Greetings from Coach LaDe

It is easy to lose sight of why you play tennis. Sometimes you lose sight of the actual playing and think about only the results, the winning, the losing, trophies and such things. When that happens, you do not have as much fun and you don't play well.

I believe that playing tennis is all about 'LOVE'. It's about love of yourself as you push yourself to achieve new things, love of others, as you learn from each other and love of tennis, the game.

If you always remember that tennis is all about LOVE, then you will always be happy and play to your best ability.

I tried to be a world level tennis player. As a youth, I joined a lot of tournaments in various countries. I was the number one tennis player in Myanmar from a young age. More than thirty years later, I am still with tennis. It's my passion. It is that LOVE.

Tennis develops us to be good people on and off the tennis court. I want to share this tennis LOVE so that the world may have chance to know how important LOVE is in each of our lives.

LaDe Labya

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Traidhos Tennis Academy works towards developing LOVE through the game of tennis across all generations.

Mission Statement

Traidhos Tennis Academy works with beginner to Elite players of all ages developing players' mental and physical strength, attitude and technical and tactical skills.

Through tennis, we focus on helping players develop understanding of personal responsibility, discretion, the value of rules in society and how to get along harmoniously with others.


Tennis is a world-standard sport. It has its own components that make it special. The game of tennis is not like athletics such as sprinting. You have to repeat various elements from a young age and develop your mind and control human nature to be a world class tennis player.