Traidhos Tennis Academy Thailand


Prem Tennis Centre's Intensive June Tennis Camp, 2016

At the start of the school holidays, Prem Tennis Centre opened for intensive tennis camp, five days of tennis coaching at the centre in Mae Rim. Fortunately, the weather was good throughout the camp, despite it being the beginning of rainy season and campers were able to train everyday.

It was great to welcome back two tennis players from India for their second camp and two students from Prem Tinsulanonda International School for their third camp. We were also happy to welcome the first girl to tennis camp since Intensive Tennis Camp has been running.

All of campers focused on daily trainings very well and could hit four hundred feeding balls each day, so their stroke consistency improved a lot. They all completed the five-day program and practice.

At the end of the week, parents were happy to see that their children had achieved the long tennis practice and the students were proud of their achievements.

Visiting Players Strengthen Skills, June 2016

Fifteen hours tennis training for two tennis families from Singapore went well. Two boys, Jerome aged 9 and Thaddeus aged 10 practiced for an intensive fifteen hours over just three days. On the first day they could not play in the evening session due to rain, so they trained for seven hours on the last day. This challenged both boys. It was especially tough for Thaddeus but with encouragement from Jerome, he pushed through his tears until they both finally accomplished their training program. Over the course of the lessons, Jerome noticeably improved his technique with different strokes and Thaddeus learnt to use less power. His game improved when he started to relax. Both boys followed instructions well.

Tennis Family embraces Prem Tennis Centre Classes

Ethan from Singapore is nearly eight years old. For this young age, his tennis is amazing, he really loves tennis. He trained for five days, playing three to four hours each day. Despite barely reaching the top of the net, this young player was able to strike the ball strongly and maintain good focus throughout the practice session. His physical strength is already very high. You could tell just how much he really enjoyed the hitting sessions with Coach LaDe, by hearing him shouting 'Yes!, come on,' while making a fist whenever he scored the winner's shots. Ethan loves tennis, he loves to play tennis and aims to improve more and more.

His father is also a good player and his mom played tennis too. Dad took private lessons with Coach LaDe each day and both of them joined the regular adult group lesson on Tuesday.

It was great to see a family who loves tennis so much and could share their enjoyment with each other and who wanted to keep learning more.

Tennis visiting player story

Seven year old Rochelle travelled with her family all the way from India, to work with Coach LaDe for a seven day training program, working on court for two hours each morning and a further hour in the evening. A lot of time was given to develop her serve and ground stroke.

During her stay, Rochelle was able to participate in Chang Junior Tennis Tournament at 700 Year Stadium. This was a new experience for her but she competed well, taking the bronze medal.

On the final evening, when she said goodbye to Coach LaDe she promised to return for further coaching.

Traidhos 2nd Annual International Doubles Tournament, 16 January 2016

The excitement had been building all week as flags were strung and banners arranged to mark Traidhos 2nd Annual International Doubles Tournament at the Traidhos Tennis Academy, in Chiang Mai. The competitor list fluctuated in the days leading to the tournament but when Saturday 16 January dawned, players from Thailand, China, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and America were enjoying the cool, morning sunshine as they warmed up for the day's games.

The tournament took a Round Robin format and soon the court was filled with the "ooos" and "ahhhs" of spectators and bursts of applause as balls bounced the right side of the line.

By early evening the last games were completed and the trophies were presented. Proud winners of the mixed doubles, Yumie (Japan) and Rico (USA) smiled in the golden light of the evening sunshine as other competitors talked about who they would play with next year. Runner- up Grace (China), who had partnered with Achim (Germany) expressed the sentiments of many when she commented, "It's been such a good day, with our families cheering us on. We should do this more than once a year!"

The men's doubles competition was won by Mee Noi (Thailand) and Nik ( Switzerland).

Players celebrated a great day of playing tennis and building friendships with an end of tournament dinner at ML Tri's Krapood Kitchen restaurant, adjacent to the tennis courts.

Watch the Traidhos Tennis Academy website or facebook page ( for details of the next doubles tournament.

Welcoming Visiting Players of All Ages, December 2015

December mornings and evenings in Chiang Mai have a slight chill in the air. The sky is perfectly blue and shafts of sunlight streak through the trees surrounding the Traidhos Tennis Courts. It is the ideal time for playing tennis and attracts a number of visiting players to the Traidhos Tennis Academy.

As you approach the tennis courts you hear the sound of tennis balls striking racquets and bouncing across the net and then the infectious laughter of Coach LaDe and his words of encouragement to the players. Last week, early in the morning, before most of the campus was even awake, Coach LaDe was training Tiga Rose, a young woman from UK who had attended group cardio classes as part of a Boot Camp Program and having enjoyed them, returned for a course of private lessons. After her class, Tiga commented, "Coach LaDe really pays attention to his students and knows exactly how and when to feed the right amount of technique, in a way that is easy for me to understand. I loved every second of every lesson and can hardly believe how much I improved in such a short space of time."

It seems that no sooner has Tiga left, than the next visiting players are warming up. This time young boys Joshua and Jack, along with their father Shem from Singapore. Coach LaDe beams them a friendly welcome, adjusts his instruction to suit these youngsters and commands their attention and focus. Varying the pace and activities, Coach LaDe maintains a high level of concentration throughout the practice session. Their father watches from the edge of the court as the boys adjust their grip or work on a particular stroke. He reflected that LaDe can "achieve that fine balance of putting young kids through serious training but letting them have fun at the same time."

The day continues with co-curricular classes for Prem students and then training for scholarship student Mee Noi and private lessons for local students. By the time the courts fall silent, the natural shadows have long since gone leaving the flood-lights to illuminate the final activity. Coach LaDe smiles as he removes his cap. "I am just so happy," he laughs, "these people want to come and play tennis, they have gone away feeling good." Tomorrow is another day!

October Tennis Camp, 19-23 October, 2015

The Traidhos Tennis Academy October Tennis Camp was aimed at students who really wanted to develop their tennis techniques. The students trained each morning and after a rest, they were back on court from mid-afternoon to early evening.

Rachit, 16, who travelled from his tennis academy in India to attend the camp, said that he had been working on his serve over the week and was pleased that he could notice an improvement after just a few classes. Mathis (9) who travelled from Phuket, told his parents that he had really enjoyed Tennis Camp. Coach LaDe commended him on his positive attitude to learning and practising, and for showing good concentration and self-discipline.

Also attending the camp were brothers, Ryosuke and Jumpei, and Fabian and Micky, all of whom worked hard to improve their mental and physical strength. Each day they succeeded in hitting many balls and despite being out in the hot sun remained cheerful and well-motivated, learning many things through the experience of attending this camp.

The October Camp offered tennis training as either a day camp or as a residential camp, in conjunction with the Traidhos Camp Program. When players were not on court, or resting, they enjoyed bike rides around the local area, planting mushrooms on the Traidhos Farm, swimming, watching DVDs and toasting marshmallows. Everyone agreed it was a great way to spend the school break.

Fitness and Friendship: Parent's Cardio Class

The sounds of laughter and bouncing balls echo around the Tennis Academy every Friday morning with up to seven parents regularly participating in a Parent's Cardio class with Coach LaDe at Traidhos Tennis Academy. The group is diverse; different nationalities, different ages, different experiences in playing tennis, but they are united for an hour each week as they work together on the cardio fitness program.

While some people are focussed on using this weekly exercise to keep fit, for many, their cardio tennis class is as much about meeting different people, and making friends as it is about technique. As the music plays, creating a social atmosphere, players relax and enjoy conversations between moving to return the ball. For parents often at home with young children or for those retired, Parent's Cardio Tennis is a great way to keep fit and to make friends. Indeed, it encapsulates Traidhos Founder's vision, Mom Tri, of creating a three-generation community for learning.

Traidhos Tennis Team Elite Player in Tokyo

For six days in July 2015, Traidhos Tennis Academy Team Elite player Mee Noi travelled to Japan, where he trained at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo. Living and playing alongside the Hitotsubashi University Tennis Team, Mee Noi experienced the strict and sometimes challenging training regime of the university players, with fitness, drills, hitting and play for upto nine hours each day. This included a daily 8km run. Outside of the on-court training, Mee Noi spent time on the university club-house eating and getting to know the tennis players better. He was accompanied by Coach LaDe, who volunteered his time to work with the university team.

Mee Noi enjoyed his stay in Japan very much and says that it was full of good experiences. He saw new places, experienced a different training discipline, learned the importance of respecting different cultures, manners and life in a new country and had the chance to try different foods as well as to play with different tennis players.

Father and Son group join Tennis Camp

In June 2015, Traidhos Tennis academy hosted a special tennis activity - a father and son camp for three families from India, who enjoy playing tennis together.

The boys were age 8 to 14. They were joined by three Prem students and another tennis player from Indonesia. While the boys trained, the dads played too keen to pick up tips to improve their own games, and happy to see the next generation developing a love for tennis.

Tennis Camp attracts players who really want to improve their strokes and fitness while having fun playing with others. The boys trained and played for up to seven hours each day. Coach LaDe and Coach John provided coaching and encouragement which included footwork drills, fitness, stroke practice and taking video shots and analysing them. The players were surprised to find that in just a few days their strokes were changing. They were very happy to see this development. The tennis campers and their families were enthusiastic about the training camp and look forward to returning.

June Tennis Camp 22 - 26 June 2015

Traidhos Tennis Academy welcomed players from around SE Asia during June Tennis Camp. Working with Coach John and Coach LaDe, players engaged in an intensive program of fitness routines and development techniques. On-court, each player worked to develop coordination and technique through feeding and hitting drills while off court, they analysed their play by learning from watching themselves on video. By late afternoon, the committed players enjoyed combining their learning with match play, which by the end of the week became quite competitive in a friendly sort of way.

Junior players followed a similar, but age-appropriate camp program tailored to meet the needs of each player. Coach LaDe and Coach John were impressed at the concentration all players showed and their determination to assimilate new learning while players went home able to use their developed techniques and with new tennis friends.

1st Annual Traidhos Adult International Doubles Tournament

Saturday 29 November dawned a bright chilly morning  and as the winter sun streaked across the Plexipave court, payers from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Bhutan, South Africa, Netherlands and America hit the first of many balls during their warm-up session. All of the players had travelled to participate in the first Annual Traidhos Adult International Doubles Tournament hosted by Traidhos Tennis Academy.

Coach LaDe welcomed everyone and then play began using a round-robin format. Many players entered two divisions playing in the women's or men's doubles and then finding a new partner to enjoy the mixed doubles games with. It was a truly three-generation event with Prem students, former visiting players, parents, teachers and members of the public who love tennis coming together to share their love of the game and to enjoy a day of playing together.

For some players it was their first time to Traidhos and they enjoyed being able to play in such a beautiful setting. Others commented on how well the court played.  It was good to see teachers and local families coming to watch the games as the day got underway and to be well-supported by staff from the housekeeping, accounting and maintenance departments.

The final of the mixed doubles was still being played as dusk fell, causing the match to be transferred to the floodlit court. Here everyone gathered with baited breath watching as each point was played and the advantage changed from one pair to the other, right up until the final ball was served.

Eventually, the winning pairs were congratulated and presented with their trophies as follows:

Men's Doubles winners Meenoi (THA) & LaDe (JPN) won 3 lost 0
Women's Doubles winners Aida (MYS) & Pim (THA) won 2 lost 0
Mixed Doubles winners Nunung (NLD) & Meenoi (THA) won 3 lost 0

Most players then moved to Krapood to enjoy the tournament party where they carried on talking about the games they had played, planning who might partner with who next year and remembering the happy day of tennis they had shared together.

Lynda Rolph
President and Head of Community