Traidhos Tennis Academy Thailand


Coach LaDe Labya Director and Head Coach

Place of birth: Shan State, Myanmar

Tennis History and Education

LaDe is from a Kachin tribe. He began tennis when he was eight years old. At first his only coach was a wall! In 1994, with the support of his whole family, he became the No. 1 ranked player in the Shan State of Myanmar. LaDe won a gold medal after defeating the reigning champion from Rangoon Province. For that, he was voted the best junior level tennis player in the nation by the Myanmar Tennis Federation, and became the No. 1 ranked player on the Myanmar Junior Davis Cup Team.

From 1995 to 1997, he participated in youth ITF international matches as a Myanmar youth tennis player and gained significant international experience.

Because of Myanmar's political instability, he was unable to continue tennis as expected. He looked for a place where he could play tennis every day, and in 1998 his search took him to Japan. LaDe attended a Japanese school and quickly became fluent in Japanese. He worked as a tennis coach at Top Indoor Stage Tennis School in Tokyo for eight years where he taught mostly team elite students and competitive adults.

In 2002, he won the championship at the Rookies Cup of the Six Tennis School Companies tournament. In March 2004 he graduated from Shukutoku University in Japan with a Bachelor of Business and Environment degree. LaDe speaks Kachin, Burmese, Thai, Chinese, English and Japanese.

LaDe came to Thailand in 2007. He is committed to teaching his love of tennis to children and in sharing his tennis experiences with people living in Thailand. He is passionate about his work.

He believes that the way to be successful in tennis and in life, is all about LOVE. You need to develop self-discipline, learn with an open mind and heart, and do your best all the time.

Coach Toy

  • Joined TTA: 2013
  • Position:¬†Coach Toy comes to Traidhos Tennis Academy with extensive experience in developing Cardio Tennis Program.
  • Home Town: Chiang Mai
  • Tennis History: Former tennis player for Northern Thailand

"I really like tennis and love to stay with the kids on the tennis court"

- Coach Toy

Job Vacancy

Traidhos Tennis Academy is seeking to employ a tennis coach intern. The suitable candidate will have experience coaching young people and love coaching tennis to children. The candidate must be prepared to work for a minimum of six months supporting after school tennis programmes and holiday tennis camps.

This position would suit a recent graduate who wants to learn further techniques while sharing their passion for tennis.

Traidhos tennis academy provides a shared room, all meals, training opportunities and small salary.

Interested people should send a CV and cover letter explaining why they want to work with the Traidhos Tennis Academy to

Notes for parents

Traidhos Tennis Academy is committed to supporting each player to achieve and develop as best he or she can. Players must behave appropriately and know the expectations of the Tennis Academy.

  1. During practice time, coaches may be perceived as speaking in a severe manner, or with a severe tone as part of instruction.
  2. During practice time, parents may not stay on the court or communicate with the player.
  3. Please inform the Coach if you notice any changes in your child or if you have any concerns.
  4. Players need to be responsible and independent. Please allow your child to prepare the things he or she needs for each tennis session.

Rules and Policies

Traidhos Tennis Academy believes that the use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco products is inconsistent with the desire to achieve as a tennis player.

Illegal drugs, alcohol and smoking are not allowed by students studying at Prem or using Traidhos facilities.

Elite players must commit to the following

  1. Commit to follow all of the rules of Traidhos Tennis Academy
  2. Commit to listen to the coach with open mind and while giving their best effort
  3. Commit to do their best for themselves and for others during practice time