Traidhos Tennis Academy Thailand



Dear LaDe

Thoroughly enjoyed the 5 day training and Ethan is already missing your tennis lessons.

Your step-by-step and visual approach made it easy to grasp seemingly difficult techniques. With your positive attitude and cheerful personality, you made tennis really fun and struck up a very strong rapport with Ethan. He thoroughly enjoyed the hitting sessions. He constantly brings up the Nadal video which has left him very motivated to improve himself.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and your friendship. I wish you, Yumi and Mee Noi all the best. Will be back next time!

Best Regards,

Hse Ming and family

Rochelle MoreiraIndia

Dear LaDe

Reached back home in Mysore India safely. I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had in Chiang Mai. Particularly The Tennis Training Rochelle had in Traidhos Academy with you was a real booster even though it was for a short period. Very much looking forward to coming back to Traidhos Tennis Academy for a longer period of Training


Melvin and Family

Jerome SaintFrance

Thanks again for this wonderful week I had at Traidhos Tennis Academy !

Your professionalism as a coach along with your cheerfulness and friendly attitude as a person is the perfect combination!

I would be glad to come again for more training and sharing.


Esther from Australia, Carmen and Gavin from Hong Kong 

Thank you for the training at Traidhos and we were excited to you see, Yumie, and Meenoi again.

Over the two days' training, you helped us improved our games and corrected strokes we individually needed. The mixture of one-on-one and group trainings were just right for the two days, and the games to conclude the training at the end of each day were the highlights, it allowed us to apply and practice tactics we have learned in a different situation and it was fun.

The 2-day trainings were short but of high value, and it is worth the travel.

Thank you for making our 2nd visit at Chiang Mai an unforgettable one.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your team a successful, heathy and happy 2016.

Look forward to seeing you and your team again!

Best wishes from

Carmen, Gavin & Esther

Derek Wong (father of Sarah and Sofia)Singapore

Hi LaDe,

I would like to thank you once again for your professionalism & going the extra miles/hours to help Sarah & Sofia improve on their tennis skills. You have commendably managed to marry discipline & fun into your quality coaching sessions.

Your coaching advice is also deeply appreciated & I will continue to guide them in the 'the correct way is the easy way' philosophy to play the game smarter & more effectively.

Please send our regards to your wife & Meenoi. We are looking forward to be back next year to learn more from you. Wishing all of you in advance a blessed Xmas & fruitful new year ahead.

Best regards,

Derek & family, Singapore


Hello Lade!

I want to say a HUGE thank you! Gosh, I can hardly tell you how much I appreciate your coaching - not just for tennis but for your positive approach to life! As someone who hadn’t played tennis since junior school I wasn’t expecting much from my tennis lesson. However, not only did I absolutely love my lesson, but I also found I learnt so much and improved dramatically every lesson. You have the perfect mix of professionalism and attention to detail with a supportive, happy and friendly approach. You really pay attention to your students and you know exactly how and when to feed the right amount of technique to me, in a way that is easy for me to understand. I loved every second of every lesson and can hardly believe how much I improved in such a short space of time. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all your time, coaching and guidance. You make it look so easy and you work with so much love and joy in your heart! You really are the ideal coach and I feel it was such an honour to train with you.

Thank you so very much. I’m super excited about coming back for more lessons in December!

Best wishes,


Shem Khoo (father of Joshua and Jack)Singapore

Dear Coach LaDe,

Thank you for five fantastic days at Traidhos. You run an excellent program at Traidhos! Your enthusiasm for the game is truly infectious. Even Jack is now asking to go for more tennis lessons and Joshua is wondering when we can return to train again.

The boys really appreciated your dedication, patient guidance and your ability to provide simple but detailed explanations on why certain things have to be done. I can only imagine how difficult it is to achieve that fine balance of putting young kids through serious training but letting them have fun at the same time – but you seem to have found that sweet spot! Thank you also for the advice and tips you gave me to continue refining their game back home – that was very helpful indeed.

We hope to return very soon. God bless!



Bilal SulemanIndia

Coach LaDe,

At the onset I sincerely wish you get this letter when you are in the best of health. My regards to your family. This email is purely a personal one in which I wanted to show you my immense gratitude. You have spent seven long hours with me for five days training me and moulding me not only into a good player but also into a better human being. Ever since we set foot in Chiang Mai, you took care of me . you kept closely in touch and helped me be at home in your country.

My tennis game skills have definitely improved as well as my physical and mental strength. It was your sheer dedication that influenced me. Now I know what the word “Coach” actually means. I have trained under many coaches in the past but you were the first one who has made an immense impact on me.

My grip, sound, contact, service, volley and overall game skills have improved drastically. You used method used by players like Nadal to make me a better player. You taught me to focus on the game and helped me to correct my errors in my strokes. You, Coach John and Méénôi helped me improve my physical health too.

I really look forward to meeting you again and playing at Traidhos Tennis Academy. Thank you for everything. I mean this whole heartedly. I have met 100s of coaches but you have made a lasting impression on me as you are the best!

Bilal Moin Suleman

Imtiaz AneesIndia

Dear LaDe,

I decided to travel from India to Mae Rim, for my son who is a keen tennis player to spend his summer holidays, training with Coach La De and Coach John. An experience we thoroughly enjoyed and am looking forward to doing it again.

LaDe is one of the best instructors whom I have experienced. His overall energy and enthusiasm is contagious, as he encourages each student to the best of their ability. No one could possibly walk away from a session spent with La de and not be the better tennis player and person for it.

I have enjoyed his teaching methods. I admired his way of instruction, plus the wonderful rapport he has with each of his students.

He has devotion and his concentration on each task at hand makes every student feel special and well taught.

Overall, I cannot think of anyone that I would rather have my child train with. LaDe is the epitome of an excellent mentor.

If you have any further questions, please contact me at this email address.

Can't thank you enough Coach LaDe, for everything you do for the kids.

Imtiaz Anees

Achim, BusakornGermany

Dear Coach LaDe,

My two sons Fabian and Mickey both really enjoyed the week training with you. We are only two days back now and they are already asking me to come back to your academy and train again.

The combination between serious coaching by improving one’s technique and also having fun games for the kids was very well balanced. After the week we could see a noticeable improvement in the way our kids play tennis.

We do really appreciate your coaching style with a big focus on communication, detailed analysis and working on step by step improvement of our son’s tennis skills.

As you know we are already planning to come back in August and then let our sons being coached by you long term.

We are looking forward to see you soon again.

Achim, Busakorn, Fabian & Mickey

Sean HueSingapore

Thank you Coach LaDe!

It was a great pleasure to have met you. At first, I was slightly hesitant in joining the lessons as I was not familiar with your academy. But over the past 3 days, with your creative, but clear approach, your engaged guidance on effective technics and your enthusiatism resulted in the high energy level I experienced in each sessions.  All these had certainly helped to effectively improve my game and also elevated my passion for tennis to a new level.


My sincere appreciation!

Sean Hue

Nazmul AlamNew Zealand

Dear Coach LaDe,

I have just returned to New Zealand after travelling in Asia and Europe.

I also wanted to thank you for teaching me tennis; before I came to you, I could not hold a racket, and I was told by another coach that I should not try to play tennis.

But after sessions with you I could do do a forehand and backhand shots. :)

Thanks so much.

Nazmul Alam

CarmenHong Kong

Dear LaDe,

It was nice to meet you and your elite players at Traidhos Tennis Academy last week. It's really a memorable and remarkable experience to me.  You are absolutely enthusiastic and passionate on tennis. Your coaching techniques and training styles are superb!! The way you teach is easy to understand and efficient. During the sessions, you guided me clearly step by step to achieve the correct strokes. With your help I can now "feel" how to hit volleys with high level of confidence.


You are approachable and committed to teach those willing to learn and improve.  Therefore, I have no hesitation to recommend you and Traidhos Tennis Academy to anyone who is keen to take his / her tennis to the next level.

La De, I really looking forward to spending time and learning from you again!


EstherSydney, Australia

Dear LaDe,

I have no adequate words to describe how much we enjoyed our time with you at Traidhos Tennis Academy. What a strange feeling that we don’t even know LaDe the week before, we started missing you when we were on our way to the airport heading home.

What I personally enjoyed most are the friendly atmosphere, your warm personality, the gigging and fun over the doubles games, in particular your passion on tennis. I felt inspired and motivated.

The way you managed to stick with the training programme to cover all areas, and at the same time, allowed lots of flexibilities to mix and match to meet our needs at different levels and have fun is amazing. The opportunity to play against your “Elite Students” was fun and memorable experience.

I whole-heartedly recommend LaDe and Traidhos Tennis Academy to anyone who wants to have fun, professional tennis training and memorable family holiday experience.

LaDe, we now have a good reason to visit Chiang Mai again!


Siau Ling Ho-CheeSingapore

It was my LOVE for Tennis that brought me to Traidhos Tennis Academy during my holiday in Chiang Mai, and it was how I met a wonderful coach - Coach LaDe.

During the lesson, Coach LaDe took a video of my hitting and analysed my playing style to come up with my strengths and weaknesses, in order to improve my tennis. He is such an enthusiastic and passionate coach, and I believe that all his students will benefit from his positive attitude and be inspired to play to their best of their abilities. And this place will be the reason that make me travel to Chiang Mai again. Thank you Coach LaDe.

Siau Ling

Matej GrujicSweden

LaDe is a great coach and a really nice guy. Being self-taught, I had to learn the fundamentals, and LaDe gave me some great tools for improving my game and saving energy at the same time by playing more simply. My weak backhand became a weapon in just one week! I can only recommend LaDe whole-heartedly to anyone who wants to improve their tennis.

Matej Grujic

Jeremy WongHong Kong

Hi LaDe, It was a joy training with you last week and I hope to repeat the experience soon. Your philosophy about life and tennis is an inspiration and you clearly are very motivated to teach and pass on your love of the game. I have to say that I was very lucky to train on the brand new courts – learned a lot and feel motivated to put your advice to good use.

Looking forward to hopefully training with you again soon!

Best regards,


Stephen DoyleScotland

Traidhos Tennis Academy run by LaDe has really helped improve my tennis which has been somewhat stagnant for many years now.

As a very intermediate tennis player I was finding it hard to improve these last few years. LaDe was able, through an intense series of one-on-one sessions, help me build on the skill set I already had but importantly take me to the next level in my game.

My forehand, backhand, volley and serve is now very consistent and I'm enjoying playing club tennis like never before. LaDe has a wonderful warm personality with a very caring attitude but knows when to push and encourage for better results.

I cannot recommend Traidhos and LaDe more. Thank you.

Bruce Foggo New Zealand

Hello LaDe... greetings from Bruce, now back in New Zealand and missing PREM School and our family there. And missing too, my expert personal tennis coach.

You will be aware La De how much I enjoyed our encounters and the coaching I received. It has given me more confidence when I play with my friends here and have the occasional hit up with my wife Jenny. Thank you again for being so patient with me.

I trust your visit North was congenial for you and your family and i end to you very best wishes

- Regards - Bruce Foggo

Kahn Hetrakul Hong Kong

Dear Coach Lade,

Thank you very much once again for spending time with us last week. It was the best tennis experience we have ever had so far. I and my wife have been playing tennis on and off since young and never thought tennis could be this fun. We set off to Chiengmai to refresh our strokes / game improvement and get the right start for my daughter while having fun at the same time. At first we though a five-days camp was too long; we were all wrong.

In five days, we achieved and even exceeded all objectives. Our daugher had a right start and hope it will be with her as she develops her game further. Tennis is a game of balance between mechenic / feel and having fun at the same time! Coach LaDe had made learning very enjoyable.

Also, we would like to thank Pim and Mee Noi, your elite players who make this a very memorable experience. We wish you good luck and sucess going forward.

PS: pls send us all your contact details and Facebook names so we can keep in touch. We are looking forward to the next camp with you soon. In case you come to hong kong, pls also let us know.

Best regards,

Kahn Hetrakul